Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learning to Walk

I have been truly blessed. I was found and saved! I now have a tremendous opportunity:  the chance to share my walk with you!! The Spirit moved me in a huge way. I want to shout it from the mountains and show the world what I feel in my heart. I can not not think of a better way than by using a blog.

As a new baby Christian I have much to learn, but then maybe you, too, have been recently saved, are curious about God, or have wondered what it would be like to see someone grow through the grace of God. I am moved to share what I learn as I learn it in the hopes that the Spirit woos and inspires you.

I have to be honest: you are going to see some stumbles, my thought process as I grow, and none of it sugar coated. Why do this in this way you may wonder. Again, I say the Spirit has moved me to share my walk  so that others may see what it is like to be newly found and saved.... to remove the stigma of being Christian.... to glorify God.